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Investing a sustainable energy future

Funding Energy Efficiency and Productivity


                Whether in renewables, conventional power or oil & gas, energy projects often require substantial amounts of money. Funds must be secured in order to move ahead with the various phases of completing such large-scale projects. From planning to purchasing and installing equipment – as well as when obtaining capital needed to train staff for the operation and maintenance of the systems installed – investors are needed to support such projects at every step. 

        Increased liquefied nature gas flows from the United States and Australia impacted global gas dynamics while pipeline flows remained stable.Asia continued to dominate LNG import demand in the future, with overall volumes increasing at least 12 percent year over year. In China alone, LNG import volumes grew 52 percent per annum during the first half of the passed year.China’s increased need for LNG accounted for almost half of the global expansion, with China overtaking Korea to be the world’s second-largest importer of LNG after Japan.






Crude OIL

Aviation Krosene Colonial
 Jet Fuel



1. Seller / Seller Mandate issues Soft Corporate Offer (SCO)
2. Buyer issues a Full Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) incorporating Seller’s terms and procedures plus full banking references(50 Prime World Bank)*

3. Buyer shall issue Irrevocable, Unconditional, Transferable / Non-Transferable, Assignable SBLC MT760 or BG MT760 or MT799/Block Founds or DLC /MT700 of first cargo value. Validity of the LC warranty shall be unconditional for one year and one day.
4. Within maximum Seven (7) days from receipt and acceptance of Buyer’s SWIFT SBLC MT760 or BG MT760 or MT799/Block Founds or DLC/MT700 Seller shall issue 2% Performance Bond to Buyer’s bank to guarantee the delivery of goods.
5. Within maximum 25 days from receipt and acceptance of Buyer’s r SBLC MT760 or BG MT760 or DLC/MT700 Seller shall send copy of the Full Proof of Product (FPOP) and Shipping documents to Buyer
FPOP Documents are:
* Copy of Approval to Export
* Copy of statement of availability of the product
* Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product
* Copy of Transnet contract to transport the product to the loading port
* Copy of the port storage agreement
* Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port
* Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88
* Copy of Tank Receipt
* Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88
* Copy of Bill of Lading
* Dip Test Authorization
* Copy of SGS Quality and Quantity inspection report
* Copy of Product Analysis Report
* Copy of Certificate of origin of the Product
* Copy of Legalized Commitment to Supply
* Certificate of Conformity
* Copy of Company Registration / Certificate of Incorporation
* Export Permit
6. Seller delivered the goods at Buyer discharge port
7. On arrival of the goods at discharge port Buyer carries SGS inspection and within 72 hours pays for the value of goods by MT103 after successful SGS inspection and against remittance of original shipping documents

PROCEDURES Buyers’ procedures not acceptable