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AGASOIL is an established network of end-users of oil and gas products based in China. A source of the industry, we know the Chinese market very well, with strong collaboration with major refineries, power plants, and petrochemical factories in China. With the increasing demand for energy in China in the upcoming years, we are expanding our partnership rapidly. We keep high standards for our products and performance, and we are dedicated to ensuring our oil and gas products meet our customers' expectations, if not exceed them.

We were one of the first global companies to state and share our values when we published our general business principles in the new era. As part of these principles, we commit to contributing to sustainable development, balancing short and long-term interests, and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into our decision-making.

Over the years, we have built a diverse network of reputable and trustable buyers and partners, and we guarantee reliable supply and safe delivery of our products to our clients.


Our Partners

AGASOIL & our team of professionals make it our top priority to focus on forging long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients from every corner of the world and tailoring to every aspect of their needs. Our current supplier geographical coverage extends from China to US, Canada, Russia, Middle East, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and South America.

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