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As the energy industry continues to evolve and play a major role in the global market, AGASOIL are determined to supply & deliver oil and gas products to our clients with the best quality.

We aim to offer the best, most reliable, and cost-efficient supply of products to our clients in need of fueling and boosting their business.

Products & Services

Products & Services

We offer LPG, LNG, Crude Oil including BLCO, ESPO, jet fuel 54, diesel d2, petcoke among other refined products and chemicals for business and commercial use. We also provide a full range of oilfield & engineering services and petroleum equipment.

Crude oil :



• West Texas intermediate includes all North American crude

• Dubai, for the delivery of the Middle East crude oil to the Asian-pacific region

• TAPIS (from Malaysia as a reference standard for light crude oil in the far east)

• MINAS (from Indonesia as a reference standard for heavy crude oil in the far east)

• Algeria's blend of Sahara oil

• Iran's heavy oil

• Iraqi Basra light crude oil

• Kuwait exports crude oil

• Libya's light Libyan crude

• Bernie is light in Nicaragua

• Marin, Qatar

• Saudi Arabia's Arab light oil

• Murben oil in the United Arab Emirates

• Venezuela's BCF17

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